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Relaxation Bathtub
An emotional experience area

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Description détaillée:

5 different stimulations arousing senses and energies :

- Colours : a range of luminous atmospheres with progressively evolving intensity and frequency

- Sound : a sound distribution through space and water

- Olfactory : a set of diffusers of essences and fragrances

- Tactile : an immersion of the body in water at 36°, enriched with underwater streams

- Adjunction : an enrichment of the water in vitamins, mineral salts, algae, trace elements…


Three different programmes with various different purposes:

- Re-energising

- Soothing

- Creating intense well-being

A stringent selection of effective technological options :

- RVB high luminosity diodes : access to the full colours spectrum with possibilities of “melted enchaine”

- High fidelity sub aquatic and aerial loudspeakers

- Fragrant ceramic pebbles impregnated with essential oils

Stas Doyer has created a specific series of relaxation programmes to be played by Le Siesté, thus demonstrating the possible compositions, based on cultural itineraries.



Dimensions 295 x 180 x 140 cm