Bora Bora
New generation

REF: Bora Bora

Dual bathtub

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Description détaillée:

- Acrylic shell on 316L stainless steel frame with adjustable feet

- 316 L stainless steel pump

- Hydromassage programme with 100 nozzles for two bathers

- Programming by touch keyboard

- Automatic drainage and rinsing


Bora Bora has all the features of hydromassage tub :

- A comfortable, ergonomic position for each of the bathers

- Hydromassage nozzles distributed over all parts of the body

- Powerful, effective jets

- Integrated chromatherapu equipment


Bora Bora can also be fitted with an original device that will give you a unique musical experience by immersing you in your favourite works


Use : exists for corrosive thermal water, domestic water and seawater

Variantes et Options:

  • CHR : Chromotherapy
  • Musical programme by vibration of the shell
  • MR : Wall-mounted or shell-mounted control panel
  • Possibility of having the tub built in
  • 50-nozzle bubbling bath
  • DSM : Underwater shower

Dimensions 235 x 145 x 73 cm

Capacity 330 L

Weight 280 Kg

Power 4.5 kW / 400 V TRI+N+T